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slater ripping, roasting and burning…



So i been lagging on posting some vids and other stuff but heres a lil vid Kaimana Henry made check it out 2 part movie!!!

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Calm before the storm

Before the waves got huge couple clips!!!

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Black Friday

  – Pipeline, do I need to say anything else.


Koby Livin The Good LIFE!!!

http://www.surfline.com/surflinetv/sixty-seconds/60-seconds-koby-abberton_102878 Heres one of the most coolest and craziest (this is a good crazy hahaha) human beings i ever met!!  I think Koby’s been cruising there for a while just getting barrled and livin the good LIFE!!!!!

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Old but Gold

  This is a video mason made of everyone a while back!!

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Power Surfing Ain’t Dead!!!!

HGA!!!!  If you know, you know.  If you don’t know, now you fucking know!!!!!  Enjoy!!!

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The legend Ronnie Burns!!

  So to anyway whoever doesn’t know why we call the end bowl at rocky point the Ronnie bowl or RB’s… This is the guy, a true legend. Never got to meet him, but i heard a bunch a great

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Dusty Crusty Payne!!!!!

  This guy is amazing on land and in the water!!!! I grew up with some of the best surfers in the world, the list goes on from John John to Mason to Seabass, I’m so thankful and stoked!!! Bra

Mason's Blog

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Phil Edwards

“there was no thought to what the function of the sport was…” – Phil Edwards

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tru mac

press play kick back watch and enjoy this JAM

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pipe pro waves

funny little vid …lost made

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Mind Blowing

Rodney Mullen 1988. heaviest footage of crazy maneuvers and combos.

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dad clips from the 70s & 80s

some funny lifestyle clips of pops in here during the 70s & 80s. also sick surf clips

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once upon a time in the west…

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Island Magic

when Gerry Lopez speaks… iv learned to listen

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Here Today Gone To Cabo


New Videos

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7 mutnemom

sorry no web clips lately but its ok my friendjj , dvd coming soon. around us open or lowers open

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Africa 13

our recent trip to Africa

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pt.2 of our movie.. MhOVIE

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May son

had to find my sisters thickest board

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MhOVIE pt.1

pt.1 has the intro,Waimea shorebreak,Backdoor,Haleiwa & Wedge.

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wing chun

…lost 5’2 4 fin on the north shore of Oahu

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this week in november was really fun!

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Bottom Feeder

5’0 …lost Bottom feeder