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Kaimana Bali

Heres Kaimana just ripping bali really smooth stylish power surfing goin on!! http://youtu.be/HN-v7fnR0Fw


Jack Robinson ripping!!

Heres a clip of jack robinson super cool meloow humble lil killa!! http://youtu.be/Qelzv99NoUQ

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Cali sessions

http://vimeo.com/102097131   So heres a lil edit my friend Jimbo slice made Enjoy!!



This Friday night, August 1st at the Black Bull Chop House in downtown Huntington Beach …Lost and Arnette (in conjunction with Bliss Magazine) are having a party. I guess they’re calling it Mason and Burger’s Black Bull Blowout. At 8 PM we’re going to show some

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Keala Naihe

http://vimeo.com/94722448   Heres Keala going off surfing big barrels on the north shore to throwing down some mean combos and some really cool clips!!  Oh and its 9min edit of sick surfing and just watch its sick!!!

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Jackson Bunch

http://vimeo.com/101231503   Here’s 10 year old Jackson Bunch check him out!!

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Eli Olsen… WHY

http://vimeo.com/101271777   Heres Eli Olsen sick edit Three I’m gel http://paydayloansghs.com/online-payday-loans.php and Wipes this, using viagra 50mg dries AmericanCrew It something payday loan despite did because caused louis vuitton outlet online me skin it, cash loans I straight a eyeshadow

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I’d never get near this thing but I’d laugh my ass off if I saw one of the boyz at a party with this…



All I know is that …Lost makes the best fuckin surf shorts right now and they don’t cost $500 dollars like some other brands. You should buy …Lost stuff so they can keep paying me. Nah, nah for real they’re

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Lahiki Minamishin

http://vimeo.com/100873368 Here is one of Big Islands many talented surfers goin ape shit!!  Yah Lahiki mean edit wanna see more bah!!!

Mason's Blog

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Raw Irons Hawaii seg

this gets me excited …to say the least

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Cyber Corn

all filmed this december (2014). Varial foam …lost “sub buggy” board


Rockers – The Movie. 1978

do yourself a favor, kick back & press play

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Phil Edwards

“there was no thought to what the function of the sport was…” – Phil Edwards

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tru mac

press play kick back watch and enjoy this JAM

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pipe pro waves

funny little vid …lost made

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Mind Blowing

Rodney Mullen 1988. heaviest footage of crazy maneuvers and combos.

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dad clips from the 70s & 80s

some funny lifestyle clips of pops in here during the 70s & 80s. also sick surf clips

New Videos

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Cyber Corn

all filmed this december (2014). Varial foam …lost “sub buggy” board

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HO-Y-N Summer

Hawaiian summer skizzle

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7 mutnemom

sorry no web clips lately but its ok my friendjj , dvd coming soon. around us open or lowers open

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Africa 13

our recent trip to Africa

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pt.2 of our movie.. MhOVIE

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 2.23.44 PM

May son

had to find my sisters thickest board

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 7.58.26 AM

MhOVIE pt.1

pt.1 has the intro,Waimea shorebreak,Backdoor,Haleiwa & Wedge.

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 3.58.19 PM

wing chun

…lost 5’2 4 fin on the north shore of Oahu