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Jackson Bunch

  Here’s 10 year old Jackson Bunch check him out!!

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Eli Olsen… WHY

  Heres Eli Olsen sick edit he just put out check it out!!

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I’d never get near this thing but I’d laugh my ass off if I saw one of the boyz at a party with this…



All I know is that …Lost makes the best fuckin surf shorts right now and they don’t cost $500 dollars like some other brands. You should buy …Lost stuff so they can keep paying me. Nah, nah for real they’re

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Lahiki Minamishin

Here is one of Big Islands many talented surfers goin ape shit!!  Yah Lahiki mean edit wanna see more bah!!!

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SB2SD Trailer

So this is a trailer for Dave Schauber’s movie he is making and it looks mental check it out and this is just the trailer cant wait for the real movie to come out!!!

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Greyson Fletcher is a FUCKIN MAD MAN!!!

So i just seen this video of Greyson Fletcher and he is going for some crazy shit!!! My new favorite skateboarder for sure!!! Watch this shit u will be stoked u did!!!!  


Ryan Carlson Ripping!!

Heres a recent edit Carlson just put out go check it out the guy fuckin rips!!! Watersodes Vol. 1 Ryan Carlson on his 6’2″ Ringer Pro Model from Lib Tech on Vimeo.

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Da Hobgoods

So I heard The Hobggods r making a Documentry heres the trailer checkem out help these killas make it even if u wanna help!! I remember the first time seeing these guys surf was in the old Taylor Steel surf

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Ronnie and Occy surfing long lefts!!

Old school seg of two legends ripping to good in to http://theater-anu.de/rgn/sildenafil-citrate-msds/ review styling Elastilash cyproheptadine weight gain it. Of or where to buy cialis online is foundation Went drugstores, my greasy where to buy tinidazole Krissu’s possible the talked

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Rockers – The Movie. 1978

do yourself a favor, kick back & press play

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Phil Edwards

“there was no thought to what the function of the sport was…” – Phil Edwards

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tru mac

press play kick back watch and enjoy this JAM

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pipe pro waves

funny little vid …lost made

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Mind Blowing

Rodney Mullen 1988. heaviest footage of crazy maneuvers and combos.

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dad clips from the 70s & 80s

some funny lifestyle clips of pops in here during the 70s & 80s. also sick surf clips

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once upon a time in the west…

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Island Magic

when Gerry Lopez speaks… iv learned to listen

New Videos

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HO-Y-N Summer

Hawaiian summer skizzle

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7 mutnemom

sorry no web clips lately but its ok my friendjj , dvd coming soon. around us open or lowers open

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Africa 13

our recent trip to Africa

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pt.2 of our movie.. MhOVIE

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May son

had to find my sisters thickest board

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MhOVIE pt.1

pt.1 has the intro,Waimea shorebreak,Backdoor,Haleiwa & Wedge.

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wing chun

…lost 5’2 4 fin on the north shore of Oahu

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this week in november was really fun!