side notes

- part 2 of or lil movie.. segments: west aus, newcastle, dad (mike ho) & uncle derek & credits.

-hard to leave box & gasbay


-surfing by Mason Ho

-Filmed mostly by Rory Pringle

-discs out the trunk soon

-i LOVE girl surfing… bad boy jack robinson

4 Comments » for MhOVIE Pt.2
  1. Chico Oliveira says:

    yeah right on mason….your videos are the best in the internet, you inspire me in my surf!
    love from guaruja – brazil!

  2. David Lee Roth says:

    Love the vids. Epic! Keep ‘em coming. Robbie Page is classic, too. “Pool or the pond, probably the pond for you.” – Caddyshack

  3. Auntie Beckah says:

    Sick !!!! You are so impressive Mr. Masson…. I love to watch u surf~

  4. RT says:

    Your surfing is so inspiring and entertaining! You should use this song in your next edit,

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