mason wins 2016 hic pro sunset beach


Mason Ho enjoyed growing up on Oahu’s North Shore knowing he was part of surfing royalty. Between his dad, Michael Ho, and uncle, Derek Ho, the family trophy case was already stuffed with six Triple Crowns, three Pipe Masters helmets, a World Title bowl, and hundreds of other titles. There was never a question of whether Mason and his little sister Coco were going to be surfers, the only question was how dominant they’d be.

On Sunday, Mason secured a huge part of that family legacy with his second big win at Sunset Beach in the HIC Pro. While his uncle Derek is also a former winner of this event, Sunset Beach is the break his father Michael simply owned in his day. Back when the same event was known as the Xcel Pro, Michael Ho won it four times. Add to that his two Duke titles, and dozens of other finals appearances out at Sunset, and you begin to understand why Mike is arguably the most dominant surfer ever there.

One of Mike’s best kept secrets at Sunset is his positioning, and it’s a trait he certainly passed down to Mason, because no pair is better at locking into Sunset’s tricky tubes. Whether it’s a high-line trip through an outside capper, or pumping through Sunset’s cavernous inside bowl, Mason and Mike look like twins these days…and that kind of dominance pays.

Mason was his hilarious self on the podium, having learned long ago that getting out of his family’s surfing shadow was an impossible task, he decided to become the premier entertainer in the Ho family.

“When I was young I used to try to set my goals to dad and Uncle Derek,” Ho said. “I’d combine ’em, beat ’em, throw all my thoughts there. But I realized I do a lot better when I’m not trying.” – article by WSL